Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Ninja Tae-Kwon-Do 5th Birthday Party

Our son Christopher turned 5 this month. He recently started taking tae-kwon-do lessons and has been loving it, so we choose to host his 5th birthday at the tae-kwon-do studio. The party was a ninja theme. The kids received a full hour long lesson which comprised of fun games along with some very basic tae-kwon-do moves. At the end of the class every child was able to break a board. This was the hit of the party!

The food table. The "Happy Birthday" poster, the two ninja posters, the ninja napkins and the ninja balloons are all from Party City. They have great ninja party supplies.

The party was right around lunchtime so we served a light lunch. It included: Doritos, turkey and cranberry cream cheese wraps, fruit salad and a kale cranberry salad. I made the fruit salad but everything else was purchased from Costco. Got to keep it easy!

For drinks, we had water bottles that were wrapped with ninja labels. You can download them here: Link.

One of the biggest hits of the party (besides breaking boards!) was the candy sushi. I had seen this on Pinterest and just knew I had to try it. The great news is that it is super simple to do. I followed these instructions: Link

I just love how they turned out. The insides of the sushi are gummy worms and the outside is Fruit Rollups. For the fish ones, those are Swedish Fish wrapped with half a Fruit By The Foot.

We also had ninja cupcakes. I ordered cupcakes from Walmart and then made my own cupcake toppers. You can find the ninja head here: Link . All I did was print them out, cut them out and then taped them to a toothpick. 

The kids receiving their tae-kwon-do lesson.

Our son breaking his first board at his birthday party! So fun!

These were the favors that every child got to take home along with a ninja balloon which I tied to the handles of the bags. The favor tags say "Thanks for kicking it with me! - Christopher". I purchased the favor tags from PrintableStudio505 on Etsy for $4. You can see the page here: Link . The red bags are from the Dollar Tree (3 for a dollar).

Each bag contained the following items: (1) a foam nunchuck from the Dollar Tree (such a great deal! Link); (2) a ninja pencil, (3) a ninja eraser and (4) a ninja disk shooter all from Party City (again in their ninja section); and Hi-Chews! 

Our Happy, 5-Year-Old Ninja!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emoji Party!

My daughter turned seven this month and asked for an emoji 😊 themed party with her friends. We hosted it at our home and, I got to say, it was such a fun (and easy) theme! 😍 If your son or daughter wants to celebrate "emoji style", I hope you can grab a few ideas from our party. Enjoy! 😁


The decorations for this theme were simple and inexpensive ... every mom's dream! Dollar store is your friend! I found the light blue tablecloths, 3 small emoji ceiling hangings, (3 pack for $1) yellow streamers and yellow paper plates at The Dollar Tree. The dollar store also has emoji plates and napkins which I bought for the dessert. 

The triangle banners were repurposed from my son's 1st birthday (It was a giraffe theme). I was glad I had hung on to those! 

I found helium emoji balloons at Wal-Mart.

My main decoration were these emoji plates. 😂😘😬😊 I cut out emoji faces from construction paper and pasted them on dollar store yellow plates. To create a template just enlarge an emoji in a photo editing program and print it in grey or black/white.

Craft time!

For the craft, the girls made emoji masks. These are simply yellow paper plates, yellow construction paper cut and glued in the middle (so that the kids can draw on the plates) and a large popsicle stick hot glued on the back.

Every girl received a mask and a coloring sheet. This kept the girls busy for about 30 minutes. The coloring sheet you can print here: LINK

Fun bright candy for craft time and to decorate the table!

The finished emoji masks! Super fun and cute!

For dessert we had emoji cupcakes. The cupcakes I ordered from Wal-Mart with vanilla frosting and yellow sprinkles and I then just added the emoji cupcake toppers. 

The emoji cupcake toppers I found at Wal-Mart in the cupcake decorating section. They are made by Wilton. 

The 7 candle and large emoji button were also from Wal-Mart.

My newly 7 year old!

Finally all the girls went home with an emoji beach ball as their favor. They LOVED these balls! You can buy them at Amazon here: LINK

#thank you 😀😁

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donuts with Christopher for his 4th Birthday

Our son turned four years old this month and one of his all time favorite foods right now is a doughnut! So when we asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday his answer: "Have a doughnut party!" came as no surprise! We invited some of his close friends and their families over for a 9am Saturday morning party and served lots and lots of donuts!

The sign on our front door that greeted out guests.

 I made this sign by cutting out cardboard in a doughnut shape and then covering it with brown craft paper and then again with green wrapping paper as the frosting (the green paper was bought at IKEA). I then cut out the sprinkles from a darker green wrapping paper and letters from white card stock. 

I made a second sign and hung it above the food table that read "Donuts with Christopher". It was made the same way as explained above just reversing the two wrapping paper colors.

I also made a bunch of doughnut banners in our party colors. I purchased the artwork on Etsy from NedtiDesigns at this link. I simply printed and cut them out, added holes and threaded them through green yarn.

One of my favorite elements of the party was this amazing doughnut stand that my husband built. It is such a fun way to display doughnuts plus it is SUPER simple to make! I simply went to Home Depot and bought an unfinished piece of wood and 3 long dowels. It cost about $8 total. Then my husband cut each dowel in half and drilled six, evenly spaced holes into the piece of wood. He then wood glued each dowel into the wood. The donuts stacked beautifully on each dowel and it made for a fun presentation!

 Along with the stacked donuts I served fresh fruit and mini donuts.

I made mini-doughnut kabobs for the kids to enjoy. I bought cake pop sticks and white Styrofoam balls at Walmart. I them put the balls into IKEA white pots and stuck the sticks into the balls. I added a mini doughnut and a doughnut hole to each stick.

For the cake I choose a lemon bunt cake from Walmart since it looked like a doughnut and gave everyone another sweet option to enjoy.

The complete food table.

You cannot have donuts without a good cup of coffee! My husband was an amazing barista at our party. We also served hot chocolate, orange juice and chocolate milk.

Since the party was indoors the kids mainly played with toys in our playroom but I also set up a place where they could make a doughnut seed necklace. They loved the activity!

Another doughnut banner.

I always like to send home favors that are not full of little, cheap trinkets but something that kids will use and enjoy. Since it was a dough - nut party, I sent everyone home with both dough (Play-Doh) and nuts (Peanut M&Ms). I also threw in a few lifesavers as they are doughnut shaped. Using the same artwork I used for the banners I made favor tags with the wording "I donut think I could have celebrated my birthday without you! XO Christopher". 

How I displayed the favors.

The most important thing was that this little guy had an amazing birthday party and got to eat loads of donuts on his special day! Happy 4th Birthday Christopher! XO

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julia's Cupcake Party

For Julia's 6th birthday she asked to have friends over to decorate cupcakes and so that is what we did! We turned our front dining room into "Julia's Bakery" where her and her friends designed their own chef's hats with stickers and markers, and then decorated cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles galore! It was a fun and very delicious party!

I found this invitation on and it was perfect for her party!

I decorated the party's focal wall with a pendant banner that I had purchased at Walmart along with a poster board cupcake sign I designed for the party.

For the sign, I wrapped our mirror with craft paper and then taped a white poster board cupcake that I had cut out by hand. On the cupcake cutout I glued cherries and the words "Julia's Bakery" that I had cutout of card stock. Finally I used paper streamers to add the stripes to the cupcake wrapper. I really loved how it turned out!

I found balloons in the party's colors at Party City.

Another super fun decor item were the cupcake wrapper garlands. I made these garlands simply by stringing cupcake wrappers on white string.

Finally, I also cutout and designed another large cupcake for the side wall. 

When the girls arrived the first thing they did was they designed their own chef hat. They LOVED this craft. I had previously hot glued cupcake wrapper flowers to each hat which gave them a little additional flair!

I provided markers and stickers for the girls to use to personalize their hats.

The cupcake wrapper flowers are super simple to make. Simply turn a cupcake wrapper inside out. Then take a second cupcake wrapper and turn it inside out but cut this one into a flower shape. Hot glue the cut out wrapper to the first wrapper and then glue on an additional mini cupcake wrapper. Finally, finish it off with a colorful button. The buttons were purchased at Walmart.

My little birthday princess designing her chef hat.

After the chef hats were finished the girls went outside to play while I set up the table for decorating cupcakes! 

Each guest received four cupcakes to decorate. These were then boxed up and part of their favor. Then each girl picked a fifth cupcake of her choice to decorate and eat at the party!

 I baked four different flavors which included: french vanilla, strawberry, orange marmalade and chocolate. Each guest also received their own cup of candy to use to personalize their cupcakes.

I made vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frosting for the party.

The table was also filled with a variety of colorful sprinkles for the girls to use. Sugar, sugar, sugar!

The birthday girl hard at work.

I used Julia's play kitchen as another decorative piece in our front room where we opened gifts and laid out the favors for the girls. 

On the mirror I taped white cupcake liners in the shape of a 6 and then glued a button inside each liner.

For the party favors I purchased these adorable clear cupcake holders for everyone to take their cupcakes home in. Then each guest was also given a mini whisk. Both the cupcake holders and mini whisks were purchase on

Using an already made printable (fond here: Link), I designed this tag, printed it on card stock and taped it to the top of each cupcake holder. The little cupcakes that I tied with pink ribbon to each whisk were also found at the above link.

The cupcake holders now full of delicious treats to take home!

I bought this extra large cupcake at our local Ralphs as Julia's own personal birthday cake.

I think she liked it! :)

Happy 6th Birthday Julia!